The technical department

The technical department is responsible for developing new innovations to improve the company's services. This technical department is composed of a maintenance section, a Research & Development section and technical support during the production period.

It currently consists of 8 technicians.

Within the framework of a specific request for certain operations, the R&D department studies the project in order to propose solutions to best satisfy the customer.

Technical innovations

1st bottling line inerted with nitrogen

First bottling line to be inerted with nitrogen at low speed, then in 2008 at high speed

Cork turner

Allows the cork to be turned to avoid the wine coming into contact with the vintage marking.

Prooftag traceability

A QRcode is placed on the bottom of the bottle using an adhesive to record information (batch number, type of filtration, tank number, etc.)

Mobile robot packing unit

The bottles are placed in the boxes by means of this robot. It is specific to the bottling process


Mobile bottling structure in the form of a real room in the truck. It is the first pull-out of this generation


It allows to dress directly the bottles in the truck on site

The datamatrix code

The datamatrix code at the entrance of the line, discreet and hot engraved on the bottom of the bottle by the glassmaker, is a traceability tool which allows the global protection of your bottles