Large volumes

We can pack your wines in tirage-bouché in formats ranging from jeroboam to primat. During each operation, we pay particular attention to the quality of the rinsing, bottling and corking. 

We adapt our service to each request and to the specificity of your wine. Indeed, our two lines dedicated to large formats allow us to adapt the production to your wine or bottle formats. 

All our units are equipped with laser marking.

Description of the process

Beforehand, filtration tests are carried out by our oenological engineer in order to advise you on the final filtration and to ensure the best possible process during bottling. A service with a complete inerting can be proposed to you allowing the protection of your wines. 

These chains will be positioned inside your winery, they can be duplicates of the truck (using the same filtration) or in complete autonomy (independent filtration). 

We can place our chains individually or in parallel (necessarily in autonomy) depending on the quantity you have to produce. 

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The high-volume service in figures

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